Kung Fu

The Wu Jao Academy teaches several different forms of Kung Fu. Among these are Chang Chuan (Long Fist), Bak Chuan (Northern Fist), and Nan Chuan (Southern Fist).

The Student first learns the Chang Chuan or Long Fist basics. Chang Chuan is referred to as the brave father of Kung Fu. There are many indications that Kung Fu originated from the Chang Chuan system.

Chang Chuan is a picturesque style of Kung Fu, characterized by wide open sweeping arm and fist movements, low stances, and high kicks. The high kicks are actually for practice, not for fighting. The actual kicks used in combat are low, below the waist. The many high kicks and jump kicks are for training purposes only.

Chang Chuan is an excellent exercise to promote good health. The system encourages strong stances, straight backs, and relaxed supple waists and shoulders. The soft internal art of Tai Chi Chuan took many of its postures from Chang Chuan.

Chang Chuan isn't specialized like other Kung Fu systems such as Wing Chun or White Eyebrow Kung Fu. The art has many different forms to learn, and there is no special order in which to learn these forms, unlike Northern Praying Mantis, which has a structured numerical order to teach the sets.

Chang Chuan provides the strongest foundation for learning weapons since the system is generalized and includes almost all Chinese weapons. The weapons forms are like the hands forms; open, circular, and beautiful to watch. With its beautiful movements, Chang Chuan has become a very popular style in the forms competition of martial arts tournaments throughout the world.